About Dr. Charan

Dr. Charan Sonare, Ayurvedic doctor, herbal doctor

Ayurvedachrya Dr. Charan Sonare is an Ayurvedic Physician, Yoga Therapist, inspiring Spiritual Orator, Social Activist, and truly the heart and soul of thousands of suffering humanity. He is a Medical Officer for National Child health Program. As A Social Activist Dr. Charan Often arrange free medical health check-up camps. He is a secretary and active Member of RaktData Sangh ,Warud which is a First free Blood Donor Organization running in co-operation with Gramin Rugnalay Warud in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state. He has devoted his life to the noble science of Ayurveda and has cured many patients suffering from diseases, declared incurable by Modern Medicine and other systems of medicine.

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About Vishwakrupa Chikitsalaya

Vishwakrupa Ayurvedic Clinic is 10 years old and is basically dedicated to the practice of Ayurveda. Over the years, We have also practiced Ayurveda in its various forms, using Panchkarma (body-cleansing procedures), Sookshma therapy (Medicinal potentiation), Panchbhoutik therapy (using the principles of five basic elements) and Sapta-dhatu therapy (treating the seven body tissues).

With the rapid advances in technology and tele-communication, the world has become a global village, and, moving with the times, we have adapted our treatment strategy to suit universal needs. We are specialized in Treating, Diabetes, kidney, Liver problem by modern and ayurvedic way. And also have a modern Diabetes, kidney, Liver ayurvedic care center.

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Services at Vishwakrupa

  • पोटाचे आजार
  • वाताचे आजार
  • मुलाचे आजार
  • पाठीच्या मणक्याच्या आजार
  • स्त्रियांचे आजार
  • हृदय रोग
  • कॅन्सर
  • आम्लपित्त
  • दमा हृदय रोग
  • किडनी फेल्युअर
  • पंचकर्म विकार

  • वमन
  • विरेचन
  • बस्ती
  • नस्य
  • केरळीय मसाज

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Kidney Treatment

Ayurved | Panchkarm

100% Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure.We provides research based treatment for all type Kidney Diseases,Liver,Diabetes.

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